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Medical Answering

Cathedral Answering Service has excelled in the medical industry over the last 45 years through superior customer service and knowledge of the medical industry.  We go above and beyond the call as we handle your calls the same way your office staff does.

You can forward your calls over to Cathedral 24/7 for us to act as a virtual receptionist, after hours, or let us handle over flow calls when your staff is tied up.  We are available 24/7, offering your office more flexibility to provide better patient care.

Cathedral Answering Service is HIPAA Compliant, with certified agents and secure messaging options, we know the importance of HIPAA.

With appointment setting, custom scripting, multilingual capabilities, custom dispatching, and many more options that fit the medical industry, you can trust that Cathedral is the best service out there to answer your calls.

See what our customers say.

“Our overflow and after hours calls go to Cathedral. I don’t just love the convenience of having Cathedral as our answering service, but I also appreciate their professionalism and that we can always depend on them.”

Leslie Office Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

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