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Service Industry Answering

Plumbers, contractors, builders, service techs, we’ve got all of you and more covered.  We understand the importance of every call and the potential of every lead.

Cathedral Answering becomes an extension of your business, answering calls as you would.  Our team learns your business and creates a completely customized script that is built on your business needs.  We can set appointments, ask lead questions, and collect lead information, giving you more time in your day.

With Cathedral answering your calls, you can focus on your specialty while we focus on ours…taking your calls.

Forward your calls after hours, when you’re on the job, or 24/7, you choose and we always answer.  Start today with Cathedral, contact us!

See what our customers say.

“Our overflow and after hours calls go to Cathedral. I don’t just love the convenience of having Cathedral as our answering service, but I also appreciate their professionalism and that we can always depend on them.”

Leslie Office Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

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